Centro Terapéutico

Imagine anything you wish to achieve in life, whatever it is. You got it? Now, ask yourself if you can achieve that goal without going through the slightest of motions, without employing any verb, child of verb or grandchild of verb.

Undoubtedly, the answer is a flat NO. And it is precisely at this point where movement takes center stage, transforming our existence into a commercial for the Ikea’s couch section. The comfort of staying in your chaise longue is beyond compare. You can access Instagram effortlessly, and suddenly, fifteen years go by until oh, surprise! you discover that your ex has moved to a farm and is making sulfite-free wine while, unsurprisingly, having had just the right amount of offspring to save the human species.

As we say, “(almost) no harm done”. There are entire industries that flourish thanks to the continued acquisition of couches that we don’t really need.

However, if you want to turn the direction of your life around, we recommend the Willpower journal. This notebook, designed by our team of therapists, is the ideal tool to propel you toward actions that will transform your narrative by working on four essential skills.

Allow the couch to fulfill its function as a resting place, and nothing more.

All royalties from this book go to fund Asociación Batiye’s mental health proyects. You can learn more about the management of our funds on the FAQ page.