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Meritocracy is an invention.

“Hard work pays off” is the slogan of someone who was paid. Someone who did well for whatever reason or whatever way, and now tells you that if you don’t make it, it’s because you don’t want to, without knowing what your circumstances or motivations are.

We are not that “someone”. We don’t know if you want to and we don’t blame you if it never pays off. All we know is that willpower and mental health will help you along the way, whatever it may be. That’s why we’ve created Willpower, a workbook with the four essential skills  to stop thinking that one more day of Netflix won’t affect your goals.

Your self-disciplined future will thank you for it.


All royalties from this book go to fund Asociación Batiye’s mental health proyects. You can learn more about the management of our funds on the FAQ page.